Upgrade & Maintenance


Software Upgrades 


Manufacturers constantly improve and add new features to this software, releasing new revisions or versions when they deem appropriate. We offer services that help in upgrading your current software to the latest version while making sure that all of your old files are accessible.

Data migrations from legacy to next-generation devices is also available as well as provisioning and policy updates.

Maintenance and Upgrade

We have a team of specialists who work with all kinds of modern software, from Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft and Symantec to VMware and many others.

We use this knowledge to help your business find the best software for the requirements you have by creating a software plan that identifies hidden costs some companies might include in their products, setting up accounts for multiple devices and finding the best licensing deals for your business.

Our team of engineers and IT specialists is also trained in the latest technologies from Cisco, IBM, VMware and so on to help provide you with quality technical support whenever required.

  • We provide full Windows system repair and are capable of solving a variety of different driver issues you may encounter.
  • In certain cases, we also completely re-install the Windows operating system along with all available service packs.
  • We also offer services like re-installing and configuring corrupt software, such as Microsoft Office. We also offer data center upgrades and expansions.


The B2B and B2C process, from discovery to conversion, may extend for week or even months of information gathering. Our experts do the work from your brand, improving direct website traffic, brand influence and search engine rankings. We have a team of experts that can work with you to deliver a customer-centric program geared at converting and retaining customers.

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