1. Our client wanted to redesign his Ticket Selling Wrestling website by not effecting the SEO work already done on his site, which was on first page of Google.
  2. I accepted the challenge and redesigned the full website as per his requirements. It was completely Responsive and maintained the previously done SEO work as well. There was a third party plugin implemented for selling tickets. This job also included to create some new pages.
  3. Project was delivered successfully. Client was very happy with the work.

Project Type: Web    SEE ONLINE


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Client Review

“Hiring Jyoti was the best decision I made in 2019. I was taking my company through a brand overhaul and needed someone who was as equally talented on the development side as they were on the UX side. It was going to be a VERY large project and I needed someone who was ready to be more than just a contracted employee but a friend. She consistently delivered and if you’re curious about her talent – just visit my company’s site – www.artiken.com and that should make your decision easy as she is responsible for everything you see. Hiring Jyoti is a no-brainer.”

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